WARNING: this is sappy

Every year I host some friends for thanksgiving, and it is one of my favourite days of the year.  Partly because there is food (so I'm all there) but mostly because it is a set aside time to reflect on all the wonderful things we have going on in our lives.  It has become tradition for us to go around and share what we are thankful for and this continuous, crazy, wonderful adventure that is having a little flower business was high on my list.  While reflecting on this past year of business it was incredible clear to me that without the support of these friends I would never have believed I could do any of this.  These precious humans are my encouragers, the ones who push me to be better and offer incredible support when life gets difficult.  I have found such a beautiful family with them and I am endlessly grateful.   

This outdoor dinner features 100 strands of string lights, a hand dyed DIY table runner, my great grandmothers china, every throw blanket I own and incredible mulled candles by Farmer's Son Co. (they smell like wine)

Photos: Carrie Lynn Unger Photo