Fauna + Fern design co. 

Fauna + Fern Design Co. is a Winnipeg based event floral company established in spring of 2016. Owner and designer Brittany has a love for all things hand-crafted, locally sourced and intentionally styled.  Her particular interest in flowers and nature was instilled in her at a young age by spending time out at the cabin. She attributes her ability to create art and take risks to the incredibly strong, creative, and confident women who took the time to grow these qualities in her.  They taught her to paint, draw, and design with the inspiration of all the small, simple, and beautiful things that life has to offer.  Her passion for art easily translated to a passion for floral design when she started working in a local   flower shop in high school.  

Since then Brittany has been enthralled with creating natural and luxurious botanical pieces that represent her clients vision mixed with her own personal style.

She is excited about moving into an independent business; an adventure that will allow Brittany to share her passion for the beauty of nature while adding the perfect touch to any event.